Fight back with a fully-kitted arsenal.

You won’t get far aboard the USG Ishimura in the Dead Space remake unless you have an arsenal of weapons and their upgrades. In Dead Space, there are 7 main weapons to collect, along with three upgrades for each (for a total of 21). Most of these are easily missed, though you can go back and grab them before the point of no return in Chapter 11. Here’s where to find all the weapons and their upgrade schematics in Dead Space. Cemented Carbide Blade

The Plasma Cutter is the first weapon you come across and it’s practically unmissable. You’ll find it in Chapter 1, inside the Service Workshop on a bench. Above the bench is “cut off their limbs” written on the wall.

The Pulse Rifle functions like a machine gun.

In Chapter 2, you’ll gain access to the Pulse Rifle from the Medical Tram Station on the fourth floor. It’s next to a corpse.

Next, grab the Ripper in Chapter 3, inside the Machine Shop on the fourth floor. It’s on the ground, next to a corpse.

Use the Flamethrower to burn enemies up close.

Also within Chapter 3, you’ll gain access to the Flamethrower, which is in the Engineering area on the fifth floor. It’s in a gross-looking hall that leads to the Fuel Storage section on a corpse sticking out of the wall.

You’ll want to use the Contact Beam to deal damage to multiple Necromorphs at once.

You can find the game’s Contact Beam in Chapter 4 inside the Records Office. It’s on the ground next to a corpse.

The Line Gun works great for crowd control, so save its ammo for when you really need it.

The Line Gun can be located during Chapter 5, and it’s found inside the Emergency Equipment Storage area on the fourth floor.

Use the Force Gun to push enemies back.

Tungsten Carbide Double Edge Blades Finally, you’ll gain access to the Force Gun in Chapter 6. It’s inside the West Seedling Room A on the second floor on a corpse.