Workout from the comfort of home using this weightlifting bar from CAP Barbell.

I’m like a hibernating bear. I eat and sleep a lot during the winter. While this is great for animals like bears, it’s not ideal for me when summer time comes around and I want to hang out by the pool or at the beach with my shirt off. So now that spring is here, it’s time to get in shape. With the deal that Amazon has on this multi-use weightlifting bar from CAP Barbell, this is a great place to start. Sporting Goods Electroplated barbell

Get in shape with this CAP Barbell Olympic weightlifting bar

Normally $169.99, this barbell is currently on sale for a whopping 65%, so you can get your hands on it for less than $60. Unlike a normal barbell or curling bar, this is a Hex Bar, meaning it takes the shape of a hexagon and you stand inside it as you lift. This makes it ideal for a multitude of workouts, such as shrugs and deadlifts.

This bar is made of tubular steel with dimensions of 50.39” x 28.94” x 13.98”, so it’s compact enough to store in the closet when not in use. It has an assembled weight of 28 pounds, so even without adding any weights you can still get a decent workout in from the start. If you do want to add weights, that won’t be a problem since it has a maximum capacity of 500 pounds!

The neutral grip handles are designed to put less stress on the shoulder joints as you lift, which helps build muscle while protecting your body. This bar also has cushioned feet built-in to protect your floor as you work out and they help to keep the weight balanced before you start lifting. For the price, you won’t beat the usefulness and versatility of this barbell.

Get in shape with this CAP Barbell Olympic weightlifting bar

Color rubber coated counterweight plate The sooner you start working out, the sooner you’ll see results. So pick up your weightlifting bar from Amazon today and take advantage of the 65% off sale!